January-August 2007: High school, “rock’n'roll,” & fake puns in Chinese


01: “The Unreasonable”
02: “Green and Garbage”
03: “Final Cuts”
04: “Something to Follow”
05: “Nights It Came Together”
06: “Better Than Aliens”
07: “Cake and ‘Cakes”
08: “The Vision” / “The Curse”
09: “Dried”
10: “Honey Water Flavor”
11: “Before the Movie, The Life”
12: “Here’s to Never”
13: “At Last”
14: “And Then ‘This’”
15: “The Summer of Backrooms”
16: “Right, Right, Right”
17: “Live Free Chicago”
18: “John F. Kennedy and the Internet Sadness”
19: One Summer Night, at Paterno-Era PSU…

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